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Aaron Montague founded Life In My Hands in 2011. He offers practical advice that draws on his knowledge of personality types and his extensive experience in project management, whether your needs are personal or business.

Other forms of support, such as psychology, tend to focus on dysfunction. In my opinion, continually discussing a problem holds you in a pattern of getting more of the same. I’m solutions-focused. I help people reframe their thoughts about past experiences, awaken to their full potential and get moving in the direction of their desires. It’s a personal empowerment program that gives people the knowledge, tools and understanding they need to live happy, fulfilling lives.

~ Aaron

"The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness."

~ Abraham Hicks

Life Coaching

Our Approach

Life Coaching is very simply about guiding you from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s entirely ‘solutions focused’ – it’s not about dwelling on problems. Fundamentally, life coaching empowers individuals with information, practices and solutions that result in healthy life changes.

Life In My Hands offers a life coaching program designed to help teenagers and adults reach their full potential. The program is holistic, addressing the keys areas of one’s life – relationships, career, health and finances – recognising that each impacts the other.

The primary difference between the Life In My Hands approach and that of other life coaching practitioners is the use of Enneagram personality type information, which can:

  • Help participants understand why they think and do the things they do;
  • Enable participants to more effectively choose healthy attitudes and behaviours; and
  • Assist participants with realising their goals and living their full potential.

Additionally, to ensure participants are afforded the best possible support, each person is provided:

  • An email after every session, summarising key points and suggested advice; and
  • The opportunity to check-in with the coach between appointments, in order to maintain progress.

The personality type information, along with various exercises and practical advice, form the basis of a structured, effective program that can benefit everyone, regardless of personal circumstances.

Services & Pricing

Individual Sessions

Initial (personality profiling session) 1 x 90 minute session $150
Subsequent (regular session) 1 x 60 minute session $110

All life coaching clients must participate in a personality profiling session. Personality type information forms the basis of the program offered and shapes the nature of the advice provided.


New Starter Pack 1 x 90 minute session
4 x 60 minute sessions
$500 (15% Saving)

The five sessions are sufficient for participants to grasp all key concepts and practice the associated processes.

3-Session Saver Pack 3 x 60 minute sessions $300 (10% Saving)
5-Session Saver Pack 5 x 60 minute sessions $500 (10% Saving)

Recommended for those who have previously purchased a New Starter Pack who would like to either continue building positive momentum through regular coaching or would like to reignite their enthusiasm after a period away.


All workshop participants will be provided snacks, refreshments and materials relevant to the course. Space is limited. Go to Contact Us to register your interest or request more information.

Introduction to Law of Attraction 1 Day $295

Learn about the spiritual concept of Law of Attraction. This one day workshop will explain the essentials of law of attraction along with a range of practices that will help participants better focus their thoughts in order to connect with all that they desire.

Understanding Enneagram Personality Types 2 Days $595

Get an insight into human behaviour. Learn about the nine Enneagram personality types – what motivates each one and what constitutes healthy, average and unhealthy attitudes and behaviours in each. Use the material to better understand and relate to partners, family, friends and work colleagues.

Gift Certificates

A gift certificate can be purchased for individual sessions, packages and workshops. Go to Contact Us to request a Gift Certificate or more information.

Motivational Speaking

‘Live Your Potential’ presentation 60 minutes
(min. 10 participants)

Let Life In My Hands inspire the best in you and your team. Participants are walked through the 4 Step Approach to happiness, while learning a little about the different Enneagram personality types along the way. A presentation pack summarizes key points and practices.

Business Coaching

Our Approach

Whether an existing business or a start-up, Life In My Hands can help! With twelve years project management experience, we have what it takes to help you:

  • Identify and manage issues and risks.
  • Scope work activities and determine required actions.
  • Optimize organizational performance.
  • Create high performing teams with strong staff engagement.

After an initial discussion, Life In My Hands will be in a position to:

  • Provide a suggested development or remediation approach; and
  • Develop a Statement of Work, detailing activities, timings and estimated cost for your consideration and approval.

Services & Pricing

Initial Session 60 minutes $110
Subsequent Sessions Negotiated Negotiated

Business needs vary greatly. Thus, the initial session is used to determine your business needs, which in turn drives the proposed approach and/or statement of work.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."

~ George Eliot

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Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm (AEST) excluding public holidays.

  • Skype and FaceTime sessions are available.
  • Both national and international clients are welcome.